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Our Leadership Team
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I definitely need it, as a government officer, I received a lot of messy name card everyday and I totally forget who and who
- Senior government official, Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China
It just takes 8s to scan and connect with people, I don't need to think which social platform I should share with
- Sherry Hsu, NSYSU, Taiwan
Simple, easy to use User-Interface
- Mubarak, Senior UX Designer
It’s about the ideas, interaction and business integration. You don’t get that in LinkedIn or EventBrite
- Kevin He, Boston, US
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More feedback from people
It is not just let me fastly to save contact, it also creates business opportunities for me
- IS, CEO of a fiber company, Malaysia
Now I can know more about the insight of my participated events
- Vladimir Belopolsky, Russia
It let's me know the bonding of my connections, the is the powerful of Data Science.
- Professor Ma, NCKU, Taiwan
Definitely helpful to professional like us as my most doctors do not use Linkedin and Facebook just as a private life logging tool
- Jesse, Hospial Doctor, UK
Investor Relations
Invest in the world’s most effective interactive intelligence
EventBinder provides simple digital human recognition solutions
Who are we?
Before EventBinder, memorizing every people met in a conference is unachievable for most people. At EventBinder, we made use of technology to help strengthen the connections between all of us. Our intention is to help everyone to withstand the decline in connectiveness with each other overtime.

Technology is advancing all the time. EventBinder is always implementing the most relevant one and to restore our connections effortless plus precise device in any events.
Why EventBinder?
Growing event market
Referring to Feb 2018 Economic Significance of Meetings to the US Economy, the number of events and number of attendants will achieve 2.5 million and 430 million respectively.
Current way of exchanging business cards is less effective, limited information provided and ineffective in revising our connections.
Business cards are always put aside after events – making interactions between people are limited.